KA229 Des rivières dans nos villes

Des rivières dans nos villes






2019-1-FR01-KA229-062882_2   Des rivières dans nos villes.

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Proyecto de 2 años ampliado un tercer año debido a la crisis del COVID-19 ( 2019-2022) de concienciación medioambiental donde nuestros alumnos, junto con estudiantes de Polonia, Alemania, Francia y Rumania, analizan la importancia histórica, económica y social, de los ríos que tenemos en nuestras ciudades.



  • Scientific sectors. They will be very interested in seeing the work on the ground and will have important information for their future direction. The first step will be to study the site to be renatured (geographical situation, fauna, flora, drinkability of water). Then, we’ll imagine arrangements of this site in close cooperation with the competent authorities. Finally, the students will actually make these arrangements. The agreements have already been made with the authorities to allow the students to invest themselves in the field. They will then be real actors in the work and their collaboration will be a real contribution for the local community (pedagogical panels, explanatory leaflets, facilities...).

  • Being an international project will allow us to glimpse the solutions used by other countries and to choose the most suitable ones for local problems. This collaboration will give a lot of autonomy to the students who will have to take responsibility for the choices and implementation of the facilities. It will
    be an opportunity to have a real impact on a place useful to the local community.

  • For this project, we are bringing together five institutions: Lemgo (Germany); Czestochowa (Poland), Ramnicu Vâlcea (Romania), Zaragoza(Spain) and Agen (France). We are five high schools and our students have very different profiles although they are the same age. Their different profiles are a wealth for this project. With four of these partners, we have already collaborated in a previous project that was already in a strong environmental theme (Present for the future: How to bring a natural site in our touristic regions). We were then very effective and our friendly links were able to ensure the success of all our goals. We are happy to find ourselves in this new adventure and are very confident in our future success. It will be a pleasure to host a new partner (Zaragoza) that the French partner knows yet.

  • During our mobilities we will study and modify the sites studied in each partner. Our students will discover various cultures and increase their spirit of European citizenship. But most importantly, they will work to improve a site for each partner. This will be very beneficial for the local people and students would find that diversity is a source of richness and that together they are capable of many things.

  • Between the mobilities,this project will work through groups of students in each institution but also through multiple transnational activities. They are intended to be very useful for our objectives but above all to promote the interactions between the student partners. This will result in multiple benefits
    for everyone (foreign language practice, use of new technologies, taking initiatives).

  • The results of this project will be multiple: educational signs, website, photo exhibition (old and current), presentations of various studies (geographical, historical, literary, chemical), leaflets, comics (or other chosen support). This diversity is about all of our students, regardless of their profiles.

  • The monitoring of this project will be close because we plan to continue meetings via Skype. In fact, during the previous project and during the preparation of this one, the teachers have meetings (with a lot of pleasure) every month on Skype to share their impressions on the progress of the work (information, deadlines, formatting).


Los centros que participan en el proyecto son:

School from Agen (France)


School from Lemgo (Germany)




School from Ramnicu Valcea (Romania)



School from Chestochowa (Poland)



Centro San Valero Zaragoza, España

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